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Comodo - PositiveSSL
MYR180.00 Annually

Comodo - PositiveSSL Wildcard
MYR490.00 Annually

Comodo - InstantSSL
MYR280.00 Annually

Comodo - InstantSSL Pro
MYR780.00 Annually

Comodo - EssentialSSL
MYR450.00 Annually

Comodo - EssentialSSL Wildcard
MYR1,260.00 Annually

Comodo - PremiumSSL
MYR950.00 Annually

Comodo - PremiumSSL Wildcard
MYR2,500.00 Annually

Comodo - EV SSL
MYR1,400.00 Annually

Comodo - EV SGC SSL
MYR1,850.00 Annually

Geotrust - RapidSSL
MYR180.00 Annually

Geotrust - RapidSSL Wildcard
MYR650.00 Annually

Geotrust - QuickSSL
MYR350.00 Annually

Geotrust - QuickSSL Premium
MYR490.00 Annually

Geotrust - True BusinessID
MYR650.00 Annually

Geotrust - True BusinessID with EV
MYR990.00 Annually

Geotrust - True BusinessID WildCard
MYR1,400.00 Annually

Verisign - Secure Site
MYR1,200.00 Annually

Verisign - Secure Site with EV
MYR3,300.00 Annually

Verisign - Secure Site Pro
MYR3,200.00 Annually

Verisign - Secure Site Pro with EV
MYR4,600.00 Annually

Thawte - SSL123
MYR490.00 Annually

Thawte - Web Server
MYR800.00 Annually

Thawte - Web Server with EV
MYR1,880.00 Annually

Thawte - SGC Supercert
MYR2,200.00 Annually

Thawte - Wildcard SSL
MYR2,200.00 Annually

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